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The Team


A Family Affair

Originally started by sisters Elize and Nelia seven years ago with the help of Stompie, whose family works for Nelia’s, dismoi has been transferred to the next generation to Elize’s daughter Kaylie who is assisted by Nelia’s daughter Lara. No need to be confused, all you should know is that here at dismoi we are all family! 


Kaylie Van Heerden

Like one of the dismoi Calabash Lights, Kaylie never ceases to amaze – her passion and energy is contagious. If there is a will, you can be sure Kaylie will find a way. She strives to pursue not only her dreams, but to actively encourages those around her to follow theirs. 


Lara Naudé
Sales & Promotions

We are pretty sure Lara is actually attending Hogwarts and can perform some kind of time-travel: being a full-time student doesn’t seem to get in the way of helping out wherever and whenever she can. Lara is always a major help in the studio and at fairs and expos around the country. 


Stompie Motsoeneng
Production & Quality Control

If dismoi was a body, Stompie, our in-house fabricator and all round go-to-guy, would be the heart – he is the expert in the production and technical details of the products. He has been with dismoi Calabash Lights since the very beginning and continues to amaze us every day. 

Livingstone Machemedze
Manufacturing & Production

Livingstone is the newest member of our team and if ever there were a handy man, it would be him. Originally from Zimbabwe, Livingstone worked as a carpenter and electrician, and made his way to South Africa with his wife and daughter to join the dismoi Calabash Lights family.